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Student wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is of key importance at Randwick Public School, with several programs in place to support students’ social and emotional learning.


The MindUp program is an evidence-based mindfulness program that draws on cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness to teach social and emotional skills. Specifically, students are taught to self-regulate their behaviour and mindfully engage in focused concentration, skills that are required for academic success. Students across K-6 participate in the MindUp program throughout Terms 1 or 2.


Learning gained in the MindUp program is supported and enhanced through a partnership with the Lifeskills Group. Specialist teachers from the Lifeskills Group deliver additional training in mindfulness techniques, designed to help develop students’ self-awareness and increase impulse control, focus and empathy. Students across K-6 participate in Lifeskills lessons throughout Terms 2 or 3.

Peer Support

In Term 3, all students participate in the Peer Support program. This program provides students with values-based education through participation in small-group activities facilitated by Year 6 leaders. Each Peer Support group is made up of 10-12 students of all ages, helping to build student friendship networks across the school and providing an opportunity for student leadership. The focus of Peer Support varies from year to year, with students benefiting from learning about resilience, honesty and making friends.

Digital Citizenship

To promote safe and responsible use of technology, all K-6 students participate in Digital Citizenship education throughout the year. These lessons see students take on real challenges and digital dilemmas, giving them the skills needed to success as digital learners and citizens. Learning in digital citizenship includes lessons in privacy and security, relationships and communication, and information literacy.