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Assessment and reporting

Assessment and reporting is a vital link between the classroom teacher, parents and carers, and students. The fundamental purpose of assessment and reporting is to improve student learning.

At Randwick Public School reporting is a planned process over the school year:

  • Term 1: Interviews to share student’s adjustment to the new grade and expectations, basic skill development, sharing of personal student information between parents and teachers and setting goals;
  • Term 2: Formal written report on achievement and effort. Follow up interview is available as requested by parent or teacher; and
  • Term 4: Formal written report on achievement and effort.

Formal reports aim to provide a plain English summation of the student’s academic, creative, physical, personal and social growth in the school environment over a semester period. The report is a document which is highly valued for the information which it contains and the opportunity it provides for valuable, focused communication between the teacher, student, and parent.

Assessment of student progress is used to develop class and school programs which meet student’s learning needs. Measuring student achievement for reports involves:

  • Consistent teacher judgement achieved by comparing work samples across the grade and against syllabus standards;
  • Ongoing assessment of class participation and completion of in-class tasks and homework; and
  • Formal tests at the completion of a unit of work, term or semester.

In accord with state and federal government requirements, achievement has been ranked A-E for Years 1-6. Equally important is the information related to your child’s effort and teacher’s comment. Further information regarding your child’s progress in relation to their peers is available from the school as required.

We encourage parents, carers, teachers and students to use this report to acknowledge and celebrate each child’s learning progress and effort and work together to support future learning.

It is Department of Education policy that assessment and reporting of student learning be undertaken formally and informally for all learners, including students with disabilities. Policy advice, curriculum planning, programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 is available at: