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Benvenuti! At Randwick Public School students attend Italian classes weekly. Italian is taught in a fun and interactive way. Stories are shared and re-enacted through games and role-plays. Students actively participate in songs, chants, and games such as Tombola (Bingo), Buzz, Simone Dice (Simon Says), Pacman, Hangman, and Chi Sono? (Guess Who?).

Through stories, songs, chants, and games, students learn phrases and extend their Italian vocabulary. Students are encouraged to become ‘language detectives’ and are constantly on the ‘look out’ for the differences and similarities between the English and Italian language. Students often compare cultures in order to understand and appreciate our own better.

Lessons in Italian are based on various themes that are covered throughout the year. Students look at a specific theme for a given number of weeks, learning the Italian language while also gaining an understanding and appreciation of the Italian culture.

  • I Saluti (The Greetings)
  • I Colori (The Colours)
  • I Numeri (The Numbers)
  • Il Tempo (The Weather)
  • Le Stagioni (The Seasons)
  • Il Calendario (The Calendar)
  • La Pasqua (Easter)
  • Gli Animali (The Animals)
  • L’Italia (Italy)
  • Lo Sport (The Sport)
  • Il Cibo (The Food)
  • Il Mondo (The World)
  • La Famiglia (The Family)
  • Made In Italy
  • Gli Italiani Famosi (Famous Italians)
  • Il Natale (Christmas)

Students learn the Italian language and culture by engaging in an assortment of individual and group activities. This year some of these activities will include:

  • Games
  • Italian Songs
  • Dramatic role-plays
  • Historical re-enactments
  • Sports activities
  • Language puzzles
  • Reading comprehensions
  • Listening comprehensions
  • Written tasks
  • Arts & crafts
  • Cooking
  • ICT activities


The Chinese language program in Randwick Public School puts emphasis on students’ ability to communicate in Chinese and understand the role of the language and culture.

Students come to learn the language with diverse linguistic, cultural and personal profiles, including a range of prior language experiences either in Chinese or in a different language.

The differentiated teaching and learning activities cater for the learning needs of students and encourage the students to broaden their horizons, do their best in learning and become diligent learners.

A broad view and additional knowledge of the language is immersed in learning process: e.g. famous Chinese classic novels, calligraphy, Chinese songs, poems, drama, Chinese festival stories etc.

The textbooks and workbooks students are using:

  • Chinese Made Easy for Kids Level One, Level Two and Level Three.
  • 中国小学各年级语文课本 (for Chinese background students)