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Sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint are the main priorities at Randwick  and are embedded throughout life at school. Students are taught the knowledge and skills required for living a sustainable lifestyle.

Waste Warriors

All students are encouraged to be Waste Warriors, this involves bringing waste-free meals to school. Parents are encouraged to buy in bulk to reduce packaging and pack students lunches in reusable containers. Students receive a leadership merit card for five days of waste-free meals to acknowledge their efforts in leading the war on plastic!


Each classroom contains a compost, plastics and paper bin. Students place their fruit scraps, tissues and pencil sharpenings in the compost bin. This is then used to fertilise the soil in the kitchen garden. Hard plastics, recyclable packaging and aluminium foil is placed in the yellow bin and recycled by Randwick City Council.


The Ecomaniacs lead and promote whole school sustainability initiatives. This group of dedicated Year 6 students meet every week to research and discuss current environmental issues. They use digital technology to create promotional material for use throughout the school, conduct audits and give presentations. The Ecomaniacs play a pivotal role in the implementation and maintenance of whole school sustainability initiatives and help to identify our next steps in leading sustainable lives.

Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden program at Randwick focuses on four main areas; food, pleasure, education and sustainability. Students in Stage 2 get to experience lessons in the garden growing seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit. As well as creating native plant corridors to support the native wildlife that live in the local area.

Students use their understanding of locally sourced, seasonal and self grown vegetables to cook healthy food to share with their peers. By cooking and eating fresh seasonal produce, they’re experiencing that piece of fruit or vegetable in its most delicious and nutritious state. Students are given all the skills, experience and role modelling they need to learn to love their veggies and make healthier food choices about what to cook and eat, for life.

Staff and Community Links

At Randwick, the staff aim to be leaders in sustainability. Teachers attend Eastern Suburbs Sustainability Network Meetings with neighbouring Local Councils (Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick) as well as other schools in the local area and undergo professional development to ensure our teaching, learning and initiatives are current and relevant. We take a collaborative approach to teaching and learning and draw on the knowledge and skills of all staff members.