Randwick Public School


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Student welfare

Randwick Public School aims to provide quality education for all students, taking account of their age, background, ability and interests. Our goal is to help students to become self-directed, lifelong learners, who can create a positive future for themselves and for the wider community.

Our school is a place which fosters tolerance, encourages excellence and values personal achievement. We offer the opportunity for students to grow and develop in a safe, happy environment.

Student Welfare is enhanced when all members of the school community work together in harmony, participating in the learning program, as well as in the life of the school.
Good discipline and effective learning will result when the partnership of parents, teachers, students and community members is based on mutual respect, each partner supporting the decisions exercised by the others.

The guiding principle of Randwick Public School is to offer all students an all encompassing education by academic, creative, sporting and technological skills and experiences, which will form a broad base for further educational experience, progressively enabling them to contribute productively to Australian Society.

The school aims to:

  • foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual support;
  • provide a stable, safe and ordered environment within which our students can learn effectively and behave responsibly;
  • expect responsible student behaviour and develop practices which modify irresponsible behaviour;
  • acknowledge positively students who show initiative, scholarship, participation, appropriate behaviour and effort;
  • foster a feeling of belonging to the school and its community;
  • create and maintain positive relationships within the school community.


Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Randwick Public school is beginning the new and exciting process of becoming a ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ school. This is a framework aims to build comprehensive, school-wide systems that support academic and behavioural learning for all students. You will be hearing more about this leading up to our official launch in 2019.

PBL is a consistent, school-wide system of support that helps define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours and wellbeing, creating a positive school environment. PBL is an approach for schools that is supported state-wide by the NSW Department of Education and underpinned by the Wellbeing Framework for Schools.